Sphero's Adorable Spider-Man Toy Will Make You Forget BB-8

With fluid grace, Spidey knocks out baddies, swings between Manhattan skyscrapers and cracks bad jokes.

If entertainment media were the Daily Bugle, Spider-Man would be splashed all over its front page right now!

That might be because - as it's been confirmed by IGN's hands-on first impressions with the game at E3 - this 23-year-old Peter Parker has been Spider-Man for eight years.

Sphero, the Colorado startup that created the must-have toy of 2015 with its tiny, controllable BB-8 from Star Wars: The Force Awakens, appears poised for a double repeat this year with its voice-interactive Spider-Man joining the Cars Lightning McQueen app controlled interactive auto. He's got a lot of experience under the belt and has had the time to make enemies and friends while improving his skills and gadgets; he can do so many different things in the game that would be hard to imagine in the MCU.

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The toy includes expressive LCD eyes, a microphone, a speaker and an accelerometer - so he'll offer enthusiastic commentary if you pick him up and pretend to fight with him. But be warned - he's quite the jokester! Both The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 gave players the option to use alternative costumes and skins, for example, with the latter offering up Miles Morales' suit.

Even though he's a superhero, this Spider-Man has a decidedly Funko-like figure (giant head, squat physique) and a rubberized body.

Away from its charging base, the toy can be used for up to two hours before needing more juice.

After Sphero blew us away with their BB-8 toy, we couldn't imagine them surpassing that and they did in a big way with the Lightning McQueen toy released last month.

The Spider-Man toy also has a built-in infrared sensor, so it can react or talk when it detects someone walking by. It also reinfornces their relationship with Disney having now worked on licensed products for Star Wars, Cars, and Marvel brands.

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