Largest West Bank settlement construction in 25 years

Omar Omar outside his family's home in the village of Deir Jarir. After living in the U.S. for decades he sees the West Bank with the eyes of an outsider

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The European Union on Friday warned Israel about its plans for thousands of new settlement units, including in the West Bank.

More than 3,000 units have been advanced this week, a spokeswoman for the group that tracks settlement building in the Palestinian territory told AFP.

This time Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has approved the largest number of settlements since 1992, in defiance of requests by the United States.

The powerful settler movement wields heavy influence in Mr Netanyahu's right-wing governing coalition.

In a separate process, 688 homes were advanced by the committee on Wednesday and will go out for a 60-day public comment period, during which objections can be filed.

Though this argument is constantly refuted for ignoring the power dynamics in the Palestine-Israel conflict, the oppressive nature of settlements and the detrimental financial and humanitarian effect settlements have on Palestinians in the West Bank.

Israeli cabinet on Sunday voted in favor of a bill to slash funds to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) over stipends it pays to Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

Turkey on Saturday condemned the approval of 2,500 additional Israeli settlements in Palestine's West Bank.

Sears released a statement Wednesday saying that they removed their "Free Palestine" shirts from its online marketplace. Settlements are considered illegal under global law and are seen as a major obstacle to peace and the so-called two state solution - the creation of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel.

"There isn't and there hasn't been a better government to take care of the Jewish settlement in Judea and Samara and to develop it", he said. Netanyahu has said he still supports a two state solution, but peace advocates say his actions show otherwise.

Abbas's spokesman called Netanyahu's statements a "challenge" to Trump and the global community.

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