A Gold PlayStation 4 Appears To Be On The Way

A Gold PlayStation 4 Appears To Be On The Way

A Gold PlayStation 4 Appears To Be On The Way

This was announced in a notice posted on the Japanese PlayStation website, translated by Gematsu.

Following the massive success of the PS2, which to this day remains the best-selling console of all time, Sony seemed to be cocky as it went into the release of its seventh-generation system. Called the PS4 update 4.50, it introduced several enhancements and greater functionality such as the introduction of USB storage device compatibility.

So what do you think... are these better games than the last few months of PS Plus titles or is Sony still swinging its subscribers into a bramble bush using a dirty horse dong?

The PS3's idiosyncratic Cell microprocessor-powered architecture also hampered adoption: performance of multi-platform games was frequently worse on PS3 than on the Xbox 360, which had launched a year earlier. The Playstation 3 console was first launched in 2006 in North America and Japan.

483. That's the number of PlayStation 3 games you can experience on a PlayStation 4 or Windows PC via PlayStation Now circa March 13, 2017.

Most of the titles Sony brings on PlayStation Vita include indie games and the upcoming free games are likely to be the games from independent developers.

Not a bad slate of free games.

The May games are already available for the PlayStation Plus. All of these are multi-platform releases that are also coming out on the PS4. For nearly a year, it sold at a loss amid criticism that Sony had priced it very high.

After a lengthy eleven year journey, Sony is bidding adieu to the PlayStation 3. As the PS3 is not selling how it used to, and is now negatively affecting Sony's bottom line, this shouldn't come as too much of a surprise that shipments have come to an end in Japan.

Sony would eventually right the PlayStation 3 ship somewhat by making changes to the console's price and basic design. The said console is nowhere near its predecessor, PlayStation 2, which sold around 155 million and the newest PlayStation 4 is nearing 80 million as well.

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