Trump praises Macron for 'big win' in France's election

The ceremony in Paris later on Monday marks the 72nd anniversary of the victory over Nazi Germany in 1945.

Le Pen, the head of the National Front party founded by her father, had pushed for abandoning the euro for the French franc, saying the euro was "the currency of bankers, it's not the people's currency".

The pound euro exchange rate is now hovering at around €1.184, up from the low of €1.177 GBP/EUR initially struck in reaction to the French Presidential election result.

Earlier this year, the Netherlands far-right party - led by Geert Wilders - came in second place in Dutch elections, a disappointment considering the party led most polls leading up to the election.

"And in Germany the ruling Christian Democrats are recovering".

The Guardian newspaper similarly warned of a tough road ahead but also saluted French voters, saying they had made Europe safer through their choice of Macron.

Macron's victory also smashed the dominance of France's mainstream parties. "I will work to recreate the link between Europe and its peoples, between Europe and citizens".

"We will not give into fear, divisions", he said after arriving while the European Union anthem "Ode to Joy" blared through the museum's courtyard.

Macron's immediate challenge will be to secure a majority in next month's parliamentary election.

Jean-Claude Junker, who has previously described Mr Macron as a "good friend", welcomed the decisive win of the pro-EU candidate.

Late tonight, Paris's main mosque said the election of Macron was a sign of reconciliation between religions.

On Twitter Prime Minister Rutte congratulated President-elect Macron and said he looked forward to further working with the new leader. The prospective President of France will be powerful only if he has a majority in Parliament to help push through his party's programme.

"Voters elected for Emmanuel Macron's pro-business policy proposals, which have the potential to unlock long-held-back investment and stimulate French markets", said Stephen Mitchell at London-based fund manager, Jupiter Asset Management. But she defiantly claimed the mantle of France's main opposition in calling on "all patriots to join us" in constituting a "new political force". "But they didn't know France".

"The unthinkable has been avoided: France will not be led by a woman of the far-right".

Public television commented on the "importance" of Macron's victory but also pointed to the high abstention rate.

"He stands for the change I've wanted since I arrived in France in 1985 - openness, diversity, without stigmatizing anyone".

Macron's team successfully skirted several attempts to derail his campaign - by hacking its communications and distributing purportedly leaked documents - that were reminiscent of the hacking of Democratic Party communications during Hillary Clinton's US election campaign.

Now French voters have removed the last remaining big political risk for the euro this year.

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