S Africa's ANC accuses judiciary of pandering to opposition

Some of the MPs sworn in as MPs in the National

Some of the MPs sworn in as MPs in the National

A high court in South Africa has ordered President Jacob Zuma to explain why he fired his finance minister and deputy, leading to market losses worth millions.

In court papers‚ the president had said that the opposition party's urgent application to have reasons for the recent Cabinet reshuffle divulged was misconceived and without merit.

Zuma's lawyers argued that the DA had already acknowledged this and, on that basis, was not entitled to any record of the decision.

"We expect that document to be part of the record", said Selfe, referring to the intelligence report.

The High Court in Pretoria ruled that Zuma must hand over the record of his decision to the DA within five working days.

It also triggered unprecedented criticism from within the ruling African National Congress top brass and its allies and spawned massive public protests for Zuma's ouster.

On Friday, Kodwa said that reading into the Constitution that the President must explain his Cabinet decisions was "to use the judiciary to police political decisions and sets a very worrisome precedent".

The DA says if Zuma complies with the court order handed down on Thursday, he will be held to account for whatever he says or reveals in a later application to review his Cabinet reshuffle.

The president's reshuffle prompted two ratings agencies to downgrade the country's investment status to junk, and the DA believes this shows his actions were irrational and harmful to ordinary South Africans.

On the other hand, if Zuma denies that he used the report, that would strongly suggest that he separately lied to at least the ANC and the SACP about his reasons for the Cabinet reshuffle.

He has so far not given any specific reasons for removing Gordhan and replacing him with new Finance Minister Malusi Gigaba.

It was not immediately clear if Zuma would appeal Thursday's ruling.

Vally said Zuma must give "the record of all documents and electronic records...that relate to the making of the decisions".

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