Mugabe insists Zimbabwe not fragile despite plunging economy

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe addresses a rally to mark the country's 37th independence anniversary in Harar

Mugabe insists Zimbabwe not fragile despite plunging economy

However, it was his sleeping that caught the attention of many on social media.

Mr Mugabe said, during a panel discussion on fragile states at the World Economic Forum on Africa in South Africa's costal city of Durban.

The reported that a village spokesman said, "It was not easy for us to hand over our petition to [the Southern African Development Community], because of the absence of Swaziland's embassy here in Zimbabwe".

"You can also call America fragile because, at one time, they went to China on their knees".

During the panel session, Mugabe boasted that Zimbabwe had 14 universities and a 90 percent rate of literacy, offering this as evidence of the country's level of development.

In 2016, Zimbabwe was the 16th most fragile state in the Fragile States Index out of 178 states surveyed.

The 93-year-old was speaking Thursday at the Africa leg of the World Economic Forum. "We are not a poor country", Mr Mugabe added, while acknowledging that Zimbabwe had problems.

"In terms of natural resources, yes Zimbabwe is rich".

"We have resources, perhaps more resources than [any] other country in the world", he said. "We are not a poor country".

After years of strained relations with the United States and most Western countries, Mugabe could not pass the chance to take potshots at his arch-enemies.

He then denied that the country was a fragile state. I think that is completely wrong because there are elements of fragility everywhere."When we talking about fragility we think about countries, in fact, the spinover effects of fragility in one area can outgrow consequences". We get discriminated [against] at the jobs we do because we don't belong here. "We are a people who can not access our money in the Zimbabwean banks, caused by the bad economic policies imposed on us by this regime", said Mabhena.

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