Got a rooted device? No Netflix from Play Store for you

Got a rooted device? No Netflix from Play Store for you

Got a rooted device? No Netflix from Play Store for you

Version 5.0 of the Netflix for Android app has brought a pretty controversial change to the table: rooted users can't download it from the Play Store.

Jogn Archer who does TV reviews for SmartHouse said in a Forbes article'Given that Google's Widevine digital rights management system is apparently the reason for the Netflix block, it seems a bit unusual that the app (even v5.0.5) seems to still be working at the time of writing; it's now only the Play Store download that's been blocked.

Starting with version 5.0, those with a rooted Android device will have to find other ways to get the Netflix app.

Despite the small number, this latest update shows that many users still want to use their phones without restrictions.

Another speculated reason behind Netflix's action is their newly enabled downloads for offline viewing, which allows the user to download the video and watch it later offline, reports Mashable.

The blockade on the download of Netflix's Android app is due to the fact that the updated app now features complete integration with Google's Widevine digital rights management (DRM) solution.

As already mentioned, if you have Netflix installed on your rooted/unlocked Android device you can still use it.

Netflix, which just recently lost a whole whack of ladies in prison drama Orange is the New Black to a ransomware attack, confirmed the block in a statement to Android Police. Likewise, the Google Play posting seems fixing to regardless of whether you're cleared to run Android Pay, not Widevine itself.

As a result, Netflix will no longer appear in the Google Play Store.

Smartphone users with the Android OS can run into trouble with the Netflix app disappearing from their Google Play Store.

While officially the app is not available for rooted devices it's still possible to sideload the APK file which can be obtained safely from APKMirror.

What do you think of Netflix's crackdown on jailbreakers?

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