Daredevils' climb of Golden Gate Bridge prompts security review

Daredevils' climb of Golden Gate Bridge prompts security review

Daredevils' climb of Golden Gate Bridge prompts security review

A week before the landmark structure's 80th anniversary, a couple of miscreants scaled to the top of the Golden Gate Bridge and dangled off the cables.

Here's video of the two scaling the bridge.

"I don't want to say too much about how we got past security", Teatime said.

In a Facetime conversation with ABC 7's Lyanne Melendez, Teatime says that he and pal Tommy Rector didn't come to San Francisco with this particular feat in mind.

Once they reached the top of the bridge, Teatime said, the friends chose to perform somersaults and hang their bodies to add another level of thrill to the climb.

"My mindset is that I do not want to put people at risk, or property".

According to the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, the duo went unnoticed because they didn't trip any alarms on the bridge.

Bridge District General Manager Denis Mulligan gave a press conference alongside the CHP Tuesday explaining that the teens were successful because they weren't sneaking around any particularly vulnerable spots on the bridge - I guess structurally?

Teatime has expressed a will to cooperate with the authorities to let them know how he and his friend got to the top of the bridge without being spotted by its security devices to improve its protection.

"The Golden Gate Bridge isn't a playground", spokesperson Priya David Clemens said in a statement.

The bridge was not damaged or harmed by the climbers, he said. "Our security systems are developed to keep people from harming the structure".

Additionally, other steps could be taken against the climbers.

Teatime, a senior in high school, doesn't seem concerned about the possible legal implications of all this - state law stipulates up to a $10,000 fine and one year of jail time for trespassing on a restricted area of a bridge.

"One of my main passions is exploration like climbing, exploring, going to new places I have never been", he said. "As long as we are not hurting anyone, I don't see anything wrong with it".

Teatime says he hopes he won't be arrested and even plans to to contact bridge officials to help them identify flaws in their security system.

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