Caffeinated Coffee Bagels Are Here To Save Your Mornings

Caffeinated bagels providing big buzz at this popular chain

Einstein Bros. unveils caffeinated bagel

Einstein Bros. Bagels is launching the world's first caffeinated bagel Thursday.

The bagel has 13 grams of protein and the caffeine is naturally sourced from both espresso and coffee-cherry flour. Einstein Bros is also offering a breakfast sandwich version of the Espresso Buzz Bagel loaded with bacon and eggs.

In case you were wondering, one 8-oz cup of coffee contains about 94.8 milligrams of caffeine.

What if your favorite breakfast could help you wake up in the morning? Fox News taste testers were split down the middle.

'I noticed I had more energy in the hours afterwards, but I can't really tell whether that was due to the caffeine in the bagel, or just the overwhelming number of carbs I consumed for lunch, ' said Charlie.

"We have watched the coffee category expand and adapt as millennials converted to coffee drinkers, attracted by the smoother flavor and artisanal characteristics and third- and fourth-wave coffee". People either love it, or they prefer to stick to their hot coffee and leave the espresso infusions to other people. Bagels, you can drink your coffee and eat it, too.

The company boasts its new gourmet bagel is an excellent source of iron plus a good source of magnesium.

It's one of the brand's three new "boosted bagels", including a protein- and thiamine-enhanced bagel and another that comes with a heaping serving of omega 3.

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