Tidal Owner Jay-Z Pulls Every Album from Spotify, Apple Music

Chart showing NZ recorded music industry revenue by sector

NZ recorded music industry revenue by sector

Fans of hip-hop artist Jay-Z have noticed that his albums have disappeared from both Spotify and Apple Music.

Jay Z's extensive catalog of solo music has been pulled from Apple Music and Spotify. While Apple has done its best to secure exclusives with artists over the past year or so, there are also things that it can not control, like when an artist no longer wants to continue to offer their music on the service.

Interestingly, nearly all of Jay Z's albums are still available to stream on Google Play Music. Jay Z is a co-owner of music streaming service Tidal, along with a dozen or so other high profile artists. Today, however, a majority of the rapper's music was taken down from Spotify.

The removal of Jay-Z's albums from competing services has happened incrementally, with prime-era Jay-Z albums including Reasonable Doubt and The Blueprint series removed in 2015 and 2016. Many Tidal exclusives have been short-lived, though, and may not have converted many paying customers.

Back in January, Tidal was in the news after Sprint made a decision to acquire a 33% stake, which would allow the company to offer its customers exclusive content and other collaborations with the music streaming service.

The only Jay-Z music left on Spotify and Apple Music are his collaborations with Linkin Park and R. Kelly.

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