The Hardy Boyz Return to WWE at WrestleMania

At WrestleMania 33, The Hardy Boyz returned to the WWE ring and what better stage and place to return to than at the grandest show of 'em all? They performed as a tag team for several years until they were split up in single's competition.

The Hardy Boyz ultimately won the match and the RAW tag team titles, solidifying that this return is not meant to be a short one.

Jeff went on to reference his incredible spot during the match where he jumped off the ladder, claiming: "I'm 39 years old and I can still jump off a 14-foot ladder, how cool is that?"

It wasn't the most shocking return-despite Jeff's feint during that recent interview, it's been assumed they were headed to WWE ever since their relationship with Impact Wrestling collapsed at the end of February. In the ensuing months, Lita and Edge were both frequently met with chants of "You screwed Matt" at shows.

Matt and Jeff Hardy are the new Raw Tag Team Champions.

The brothers were previously with Ring of Honor and recently denied rumors that they were offered WWE contracts.

When asked who they would like to face in WWE, Matt said that they would like to face The Usos who have gold as well as The Club.

When the Hardys came back home during WrestleMania 33, if Camping World Stadium had a roof it would have been blown off. Xavier Woods announced that the match had just been made a Fatal Four Way - and everyone expected The New Day to be the final entrants... until The Hardys' familiar theme played.

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