Tennessee Teen Abducted By Teacher Was Reportedly Abused By Her Mother

Woman cowers in fear

Tennessee Teen Abducted By Teacher Was Reportedly Abused By Her Mother

Tad Cummins made a concerted effort to hide Elizabeth Thomas from the caretaker who put the pair up in a rural California cabin, but the man nonetheless saw the teacher kissing the teen girl on two occasions, he says in an interview with PEOPLE.

Prosecutors will likely use this information to say Tad targeted Thomas because her history of being abused made her "vulnerable".

He continues to call her from jail, Jill Cummins said, but she won't pick up the phone, according to Inside Edition. Reportedly, the 48-year-old once hit the teen's head against a washing machine and then threw her down the steps of their basement. He faces federal charges of kidnapping a minor and transporting her across state lines and state charges for aggravated kidnapping and sexual contact with a minor.

Angel, who is a photographer, took the photos and said that her daughter loved being the princess and that the photos show that the girl's big brother is her "favorite boy in the world", WLS reported.

In exchange for labor and chores, Barry allowed Cummins and Thomas stay inside an unfinished cabin with no heat or electricity near Cecilville, California - thousands of miles from Maury County, Tennessee, from where the pair had vanished on March 13.

Earlier Tuesday, the girl's family expressed thanks for the public's support and said it's time to focus on the teen's recovery.

Last week, authorities found the teenager in Northern California and arrested her forensics teacher, Tad Cummins, 50.

Cummins, of Columbia, Tenn., faces state and federal charges in the girl's disappearance.

Jill Cummins said the call was the only one she was willing to answer from her husband, who has peppered her with phone calls since that conversation. "I of course went into a rage of, 'Do you know what you've done to me?" "Some days are good [and] you see her more, some days are bad [and] you see her less".

Cummins, he says, told him they were lost, looking for directions to the Black Bear Ranch Commune in Siskiyou County. Culleoka Unit School suspended him when students allegedly caught Cummins and Thomas kissing and subsequently fired him because of the sexual allegations. "And very jittery", her father Anthony Thomas said on "Primetime Justice with Ashleigh Banfield" on HLN. Meanwhile, the teen is now in a mental health institution following the incident.

When asked if she hates him, she said, "No".

"We've gone through probably the worst experience of my life so far was having her gone, not knowing where she was or how she was", her father said.

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