Nintendo sees Switch console doubling full-year profit

In total, 2.76 million copies of the game were sold for Switch (plus a further 1.08 million copies on Wii U, making a total of 3.84 million copies sold).

The PS4 launched on November 15, 2013 and Sony reported 4.2 million in sales by December 28 of that year.

Robust Wii demand drove Nintendo's operating profit to a record JPY 555 billion in the year ended in March 2009, as profit from a new console typically peaks a couple years after launch when the software lineup expands.

A second place finish would suit Nintendo just fine, I bet, given its also-ran status since the wildly popular Wii, which fizzled out quickly after reaching incredible heights over just a few years. Nintendo also credits Niantic's Android and iOS exclusive Pokémon Go for bolstering interest in and sales of Pokémon-related software in general. Pokemon Sun and Moon is also close to surpassing Pokemon Black and White's 15.64 million sales mark.

An additional 10 million Switch sales make up the company's forecast for the following year, a number which puts the Switch on comparable footing to first-year performances from the PlayStation 4 (14.4m) and Xbox One (10m.) in 2013/14.

The Switch has sold more consoles then either Nintendo or analysts expected, as the company reports a healthy profit.

As a result of this early success, Nintendo has set a confident projection for fiscal year 2018. Splatoon 2 exemplifies the concept of Nintendo Switch, enabling consumers to play anywhere, anytime, and with anyone, and will bring competition between consumers to new levels of excitement.

It's our mission to prioritize unique and original experiences and curate an wonderful line-up of content that will feel perfectly at home on Nintendo Switch.

One enterprising fan game offers a solution, however short-lived. There's only one way for Nintendo to keep a healthy pace of sales: software. All these games may boost the sales for Nintendo Switch even more. Digital sales were also down to a large extent on the same period past year due to there being relatively fewer offerings of downloadable content.

Next up, the Wii U system sold 760,000 units during the period, that's 77% less year-over-year.

Do you think that upcoming games will determine hardcore gamers to purchase the new console from Nintendo?

This all compares to the Wii U, which saw massive declines across the board. Nintendo released its fiscal earnings for 2016 on Thursday, April 26, which most likely included the global hard sales numbers for Nintendo Switch.

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