Misogyny certainly contributed to electoral loss, says Hillary Clinton

"By the time they finished with me, I was Typhoid Mary", said Clinton.

Clinton has returned to the public eye recently after an extended hiatus following her humiliating defeat in November's presidential election.

Having dreamt for years of making history as America's first woman president, Clinton admitted the aftermath had been "devastating".

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says there are four reasons why she lost the 2016 election to President Donald Trump.

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton highlighted the hypocrisy of President Donald Trump citing the "beautiful babies" killed in a chemical weapons attack in Syria as one of his reasons for ordering Thursday's USA missile strike against a Syrian government airbase while his travel ban still barred Syrians of all ages from entering the United States as refugees in a speech made Friday at a luncheon for Annie's List in Houston, Texas. I think in any campaign there are so many cross currents and events and have some greater impact than others.

During her time onstage, Clinton also talked about the role misogyny played in her loss and career, encouraging young women to seek political office, but advised, "Toughen your skin".

His former rival for the USA presidency, Hillary Clinton, said that attacking the country without supporting its refugees was hypocritical and counterproductive.

And it is continues to play a role in the Trump administration, she alleged, noting that the number of women in Trump's government is "the lowest it's been in a generation".

"I really believe that we should have and still should take out his airfields and prevent him from being able to use them to bomb innocent people and drop sarin gas on them", she said Thursday during an event in NY. "And I just refused to do that - and that infuriated everyone", Clinton said in the interview, conducted by New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof. "As an American I'm pretty anxious", she said.

Trump has signed an executive order to temporarily ban immigrants from Syria, Iran, Yemen, Somalia, Sudan and Libya from entering the USA, but a federal judge has blocked part of such order.

"The things that come out of some of these men's mouths, like why do we have to cover maternity care?"

"He's not exactly fond of strong women", she said of Putin. "I'm not making plans to do anything", she admitted. I think we should have been more willing to confront Assad'.

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