McDonald's new dark grey uniforms prompt sci-fi comparisons

This year, McDonald's has chose to give their floor crew a makeover.

McDonald's 850,000 employees in 14,000 restaurants will be sporting a new stylish grayscale design, the opposite of the traditional red/black/yellow motif - though there have been color variations over the years.

McDonald's new uniforms are prompting some teasing online, with comments saying the gray-toned shirts and aprons make employees look like they're part of totalitarian regimes.

McDonald's claims that 70% of its staff declared the uniform "very modern" and said they were "proud to wear" these clothes. Others photoshopped Stormtroopers into promotional images of the new uniforms. "Like everyone is working for a evil mastermind", said one critic on Twitter.

Despite what their uniforms look like, let's hope the food looks and tastes the same.

"Never thought that 26 years later I would have the opportunity to overhaul the McDonalds America Crew & Manager uniforms and potentially dress almost 860,000 employees in over 14,000 McDonalds franchises", he wrote. And now the company has taken the next logical step toward helping humanity have its allotted break today, unveiling new McDonald's uniforms that better reflect the techno-dystopian Playplace we live in. "Now when you wanna get a meal there you'll have to start with your First Order", wrote one film buff.

A second uniform collection, called "Timeless Elements", was designed by British designer Bindu Rivas, known for uniforms she's created for British banks, airlines and U.K. McDonald's locations. In fact, they're getting two.

Despite the backlash, McDonald's seems proud of the uniforms.

A few of them have even noted that when it comes to the fast-food industry, style is extremely relative. "I rather the authoritarian look than clown vomit".

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