Kylie Jenner's New Coachella Look Involves 'Highlighter Hair'

Kylie Jenner has reportedly moved on in her love life after breaking up with Tyga.

While spending the weekend partying and listening to music at Coachella, the social media starlet spent time with rapper Travis Scott, 24, looking like she couldn't care less about her 27-year-old ex. "Kylie and Travis made their way to a private table, where they were joined by friends and enjoyed the deejay", a witness told People. Her look was decidedly different from the usual flower crown/jean shorts/crop top combo that most Coachella goers opt for, which makes sense considering Kylie has never really been one to follow the crowd.

The rapper, who attended Coachella with some of his closest pals, was only said to have made the last-minute decision to head to the festival after learning that Kylie was also going to be there.

It's too soon to say if the duo is indeed an item, but one person who won't be in favour of the relationship is Tyga, who has a bit of a rivalry with Scott. "After Travis exited the stage, Tyga emerged on the side nearest the fence to begin watching again, as Schoolboy Q took the stage to perform "That Part" with Kendrick".

While it's a good thing that Kylie is moving on from Tyga, a romance with Scott might not be in her best interests, if a recent report is to be believed.

Despite the fact that Kylie and Tyga have broken up about three times in the last few years, the two just can't seem to quit each other.

"Tyga won't admit it, but his friends think it's obvious he wants to get back together with her".

Jenner was seen cozying up to hip-hop artist Travis Scott, although they were hanging out with a huge group of people.

'[A$AP and Kendall] have a lot in common and connect over both being in the fashion world'.

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