House ready to back stand your ground change

House ready to back stand your ground change

House ready to back stand your ground change

Angela Browning, one of the "recess mom" founders, urged members of the Facebook group to contact House leaders and urge adoption of the Senate bill. Under the measure students in the state's public schools will be permitted to engage in prayer and school personnel will be allowed to participate in student-led prayers.

A Florida bill that would shift the burden of proof in "stand your ground" pretrial hearings is heading back to the Senate.

"Areas that don't expand gaming have the most potential for negotiations from our side", said Rep. Mike La Rosa, R-St. His bill authorizes slot machines in any county where voters pass a referendum, regulates fantasy sports, and allows race tracks and jai alai frontons to provide games outside of live events.

Students and school employees would gain wider rights to express their religious viewpoint at public schools under a bill approved by the Florida House.

A measure that would enact statewide regulations on app-based ridesharing companies such as Uber and Lyft has been approved by the state's House. And, Fleming Island Republican Rob Bradley-the bill's Senate sponsor-says his chamber's "position on the issue is contained in the version of SB 128 that passed out of the Senate" last month. The Seminole Tribe will also be allowed to offer craps and roulette at its casinos. "We are encouraged by today's vote, and the movement of Senate Bill 340, and look forward to working toward creating a permanent home for Uber in our state".

On Tuesday, the House bill was amended to include Senate proposals dealing with insurance and background checks.

The total $3 billion the House and Senate want in guaranteed revenue from the tribe is the same financial agreement the governor reached with the tribe in 2015, which the Legislature failed to ratify during the following session.

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