Giraffe born at Toledo zoo won't go on exhibit for a while

April the giraffe is still very much pregnant. A giraffe's pregnancy lasts about 15 months. For example, he said on Facebook that many live-streamers have been anxious about how long it takes for April to lower herself to sit down. Of course, that is made even more hard considering that she was mated on three different occasions and her keepers aren't sure which time took. Giraffe's instinctively hide their labor for however long it's lasting in order to not draw attention from predators who will wait out a giraffe's labor in order to attack once the calf is born. We've all tried to be patient but it feels like we've been waiting forever. This is why everyone has been waiting for so long while watching the April the Giraffe live cam with the expectation that she could give birth any day now.

First off, actually doesn't give a lot of information about her.

"Both Animal Adventure Park and Toys "R" Us have the common goal of bringing awareness to the plight of the giraffe as well as the need to create a sustainable future for them", the Facebook post stated.

But now it's April (the month) and STILL NO BABY. We, like many of you, sat up in bed or were inches from our screens a few times last night.

What can we expect during the baby's birth?

Although the now world-famous giraffe had been shunning her grain as of late, Dr. Tim reports that her appetite is back in full force as we enter yet another weekend awaiting the birth of her calf. All we've been told is that she could go into labor at any moment. Kipenzi means beloved or precious one in Swahili.

For the uninitiated, April the Giraffe became a viral sensation this winter after the Animal Adventure Park, a zoo in upstate NY, turned on a live stream in her stall. The stream started in February, at which point she may have only been 13 months along.

April has a Go Fund Me page. All the money will be used to feed, house and care for the giraffes.

There's an online store for April apparel. Animal Adventure Park wrote on Facebook.

Remember that emoji I mentioned earlier? That's probably a paid ad. The service also promises to send photos of April and her calf during and after birth. There will be a contest to decide what his or her name will be.

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