Former Fox anchor: Harassment is pervasive

Bill O'Reilly attends The Hollywood Reporter's

Donald Trump's Endorsement of Bill O'Reilly Was Just Another Nail in the Coffin

The increase comes just days after O'Reilly wrapped up a quarter in which he broke the record for total viewership on a cable news show.

O'Reilly hasn't admitted any wrongdoing and said he settled for the sake of his family.

Since the Times report, another woman, Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky, has filed a harassment claim against Fox News and Ailes, but the allegations don't involve O'Reilly.

On Wednesday, the pugnacious conservative received the endorsement of Fox's most highly placed fan, President Donald Trump, who called O'Reilly "a good person" in an interview with the Times on Wednesday.

How have Fox News and Bill O'Reilly responded?

The chaotic scene and rotating cast of characters may explain why Trump chose to go "off script" from remarks or talking points about domestic policy to defending O'Reilly, "a good person", in Trump's estimation, who it was recently reported paid out millions (along with Fox News) to settle sexual harassment claims and has since lost dozens of advertisers.

At companies that have stuck by O'Reilly, there have no doubt been conference room discussions, said Kelly O'Keefe, a professor of brand management at Virginia Commonwealth University. Amidst the controversies, President Trump has come out in support of his friends over there.

"This really is a sexual harassment enterprise", Waters said.

It is also largely because of O'Reilly that Fox News is the most popular network in all of cable TV and can thereby extract higher rates from cable companies to carry it. O'Reilly has denied all allegations.

The number of companies pulling ads from O'Reilly's show continues to grow. "Then, I don't recall specifically how it came up, but I think he mentioned O'Reilly first and answered the question, essentially, that he thought O'Reilly should not have settled and that he should have, quote, taken it all the way".

For Fox News, the decision was a simple one - ignore Trump's flaws indefinitely in order to try and gain the most cash from this administration as possible.

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