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One of the happiest half-hours of my professional life was spent pretending to operate the control console of the TARDIS during a tour of the Doctor Who studio in Cardiff a couple of years back.

Mackie continued: "When Alicia Keys came out that was a big thing for me because she was mixed race as well". It was like Bill ha existed rather than saying lines for an audition.

The Doctor is played by Peter Capaldi, Bill by Pearl Mackie and Nardole by Matt Lucas. "Sometimes you find little moments [while working] that are very Doctor Who, but it's hard to put into words".

"I think with that she brings a really fresh look at the Doctor and the universe that he presents". I went shopping and I was quite involved in creating the character's style, which was awesome.

"Obviously, The Doctor is very, very clever, worldly and headstrong, whereas she's inquisitive and quick-witted, so there's a lot of mutual respect". Here's what they had to say.

She added: "I had a little bit of input into her style. Those are adult, mature responsibilities - as much as an actor can be adult and mature". He gave a few hints about what Peter Capaldi's Doctor's regneration might look like.

Speaking about her own character, Pearl said: "Bill's great". It's going to be a complete riot to see these two wildly different versions of the Doctor's oldest friend and enemy interact for the first time ever on screen, and I can't wait to see that.

When Season 10 of "Doctor Who" premieres on Saturday, April 15, on BBC America, it will introduce a new Companion - the first openly gay one at that - and bring back some of the series' most iconic villains for even wilder adventures. The show's a "perfect home" for him because of its emotional capacity. "There are still people who ask me to insult them, which is fun, but I try not to do it if there are children around".

When she heard she got the role, she didn't quite believe it, noting: "it's probably one of the best jobs on television".

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