Disney and Lucasfilm Reveal New Details of Star Wars Land

"The multi-year activations will profile our attractions and precincts in Singapore, beginning with Gardens by the Bay for the Star Wars festival to be held in May", Yeo added.

First of all, the teams confirmed that the Star Wars Land world is officially canon-the story, environment, and characters are part of the established Star Wars universe.

When discussing the ride's history with actor Anthony Daniels, who plays C-3PO in both the Star Wars films and the ride itself, Fitzgerald said scenes from the mineral planet Crait would be incorporated into the ride. That requires going to a new place with lots of new stories to discover.

Beyond the normal talk about building an entire themed land (as seen in the video above), the panel revealed something wholly unique to these Star Wars theme lands.

From piloting the Millennium Falcon with a flight crew down to sipping Blue Milk at the local watering hole, guests will journey to a remote Outer Rim outpost that is filled with the rogues, bounty hunters, aliens and droids that populate the land. Maybe you get asked to complete a task: are you successful? "Starting this summer they will be able to step into the worlds of their favorite stories and characters like never before".

Asa Kalama, Executive Creative Director of Walt Disney Imagineering said: "We're creating a place that's an extension of the Star Wars Universe".

BRB, gotta start planning a family so that I can take them all to this amazing-sounding park. Think how creepy Facebook is, and then put it in a band.

Disney Parks has revealed in a new video the plans that have been brewing between the two companies, and the people who have worked on the set of Star Wars movies, as well as those in Disney weighed in on what their initial thoughts are for the project.

I've often said the appeal of Star Wars for me, personally, is that Star Wars is a destination.

At the end of the panel, it was suggested that more Star Wars Land details will be released at the D23 convention in July. Especially with the recently concluded Star Wars Celebration and the upcoming annual May the 4th Star Wars day, there is no better time than now to drop teasers for all sorts of Star Wars goodies yet to come.

You walk in there, and everything from being in the environment, to having random characters that you actually interact with... everything about it is just about total immersion.
This patent, which was filed by Disney last summer, describes a method for using a reflective light saber to bounce "laser bolts" back at a flying drone or animatronic enemy.

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