Bounce House Goes Airborne, Injuring 5 Kids

5 children taken to hospital after accident at Taylors Church

Five children hurt when bounce house goes airborne during church festival

Two children were severely injured Saturday afternoon when two bounce houses went airborne at a church festival in Taylors.

The children were taken to a nearby hospital and their condition is now unknown.

Battalion Chief, Ricky Reed with the Taylors Fire Department, reportedly said that the inflatables were strapped down, but the wind was strong enough to rip the straps out of the ground.

As of Sunday afternoon, two of the five children who were hospitalized remained in the hospital. Shortly after 2:00 PM, an unexpected wind gust, out of our control, lifted an inflatable amusement that was on our campus for the event.

"My 9-year-old daughter and her sister are two of the children hurt in the accident", Reger commented, noting that one of her daughters suffered multiple bruises, a concussion and a broken shoulder.

One of the bounce houses damaged power lines which according to Duke Energy had more than 12,000 volts pulsing through them, enough to cause death.

"When the second bouncy house went up, I had thought my kids was on it", a witness said.

German also indicated that when it fell back down, it made an audible noise and the power momentarily failed.

"These fortunately were dead when they hit the ground or we would have had, or could have had, fatalities", Reed said. They were able to respond before fire crews arrived, Reed said. "There's no telling what would have happened".

The church released a statement that said, "We are saddened for those who were injured during the unfortunate accident today".

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