Assembly convenes hoping to break budget gridlock

New York Senate and Assembly Approve Emergency Budget Extension

Errigo, Young comment on state 'budget extender' as negotiations continue

After missing a Saturday deadline in part due to disagreement over proposed raise the age legislation, ny legislators signed bills submitted by Gov. Andrew Cuomo Monday to approve a fiscal year 2018 State Budget Extender and avoid a state government shut-down.

Gov. Cuomo had proposed giving the Division of Budget more authority in making mid-year fiscal changes after a final budget has been passed, but that was rejected by the state legislature.

Cuomo and lawmakers blew past the state's Friday deadline to have a spending plan in place, unable to reach agreement on issues like removing most 16- and 17-year-olds from the state's adult court system and extending a lucrative, expired tax credit for New York City builders.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo addressed reporters on Wednesday, April 6, 2017, as negotiations over a state budget crumbled.

ALBANY, N.Y. Upstate Uber, increased tuition assistance and more money for schools are just a few of the items in the new state budget poised for passage in the New York Legislature.

The agreement strongly resembles the "Affordable New York" proposal put forth by Governor Cuomo early this year. The governor said the state needs the kind of "financial flexibility" that the federal government achieved through the continuing resolution passed in December.

Gridlocked state budget negotiations devolved into finger-pointing and social-media sniping as the remaining lawmakers at the state Capitol weighed whether to hunker down or head home Thursday.

"Not knowing how much state aid will be coming from Albany pushes the districts to make choices they would otherwise avoid", Robert Lowry, the spokesman for the New York Council of School Superintendents, said Tuesday.

We realize getting work done before the last minute is not in the Legislature's nature, but a two month delay is fundamentally unfair - especially from a state that expects school districts and local governments to live under a tax cap.

The budget extension legislation did include $190 million to support airport improvement projects, including $36.1 million for the Plattsburgh International Airport, which is being overhauled and updated.

"On issues such as Raise the Age, there are political and ideological differences between the Senate and Assembly".

Cuomo says he has assurances from leaders of the Senate and the Assembly the stopgap spending plan will pass Monday.

While his home is nearby, McDonald said the many lawmakers who can't drive home each night are growing tired, missing their families and running out of clothes.

"The problem is that the language that was agreed upon at 1 a.m., when people woke up the next morning, the agreement had disintegrated", she said.

But it's "likely" some of the almost 150,000 workers on the state's payroll will get their pay later than usual this week, according to the state Comptroller's Office.

Should final deals be made, the Senate was discussing the logistics of when to return.

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