Apple Reportedly Seducing LG Displays into OLED Production for 2018 iPhone

All eyes might be on the Apple iPhone 6s right now as Apple confirm that there is an issue with the device but on the bright side, they did agree to compensate their customers for the faulty Apple iPhone 6s so things should get sorted out real soon.

Although the iPhone 7 sold out within a week of hitting the market, many saw it as nothing more than a refreshed iPhone 6 - which has put some pressure on Apple to impress its users this year.

At this point, I'm hopeful that Apple figures out the issues with its in-screen Touch ID solution, but if it can't get it to work in time, I'll be interested to see what Apple ultimately ships.

Apple, this first quarter released the "PRODUCT Red" edition of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, which can be regarded as a follow-up to last year's "Jet Black" edition.

Soon after the arrival of Samsung Galaxy S8, the Bezels around the iPhone 8 are expected to be thin.

It has also been discussed that it's home button will sit underneath glass, and that it will have to be tapped and not pressed to open up the phone. Early reports of the smartphone suggested that the device will come equipped with an edge-to-edge front display. However, in the renders showing the iPhone 8 after production, only the earpiece is visible, not the other components. However, he said Apple's 3D sensing production appears on track, and could be a viable alternative to fingerprints. Others say Apple could place it on the back of the device.

Apple looked at technology developed by Synaptics (SYNA), Hargreaves wrote.

"The anticipated move to a full-screen OLED panel in the coming iPhone 8/X eliminates the physical home button, which necessitates a move to a virtual home button and an optical fingerprint sensing solution to read fingerprints through the OLED panel", Pacific Crest Securities analysts told clients in a report published Sunday, as cited by Investor's Business Daily.

What is more important is that the rumored OLED display will make the Google Pixel 2 visually stunning.

Furthermore, the report also went on to suggest that the smartphone will have wireless charging.

( It's a trend nowadays that some cryptic Chinese texts are being considered as potential Apple iPhone 8 leaks.

The firm might also just release the two minor-upgrade devices in September and leave the premium version for a later date. One 6th-generation substrate can translate into 300 OLED panels for 5.5-inch displays for smartphones.

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