4 things to know about Equal Pay Day

Equal Pay Day 

Susan B. Anthony Center hosts Equal Pay Day panel

The organization released its study in advance of Equal Pay Day on Tuesday, which marks how far into the new year women have to work - combined with their pay the year before - to earn what men made the year before.

The National Partnership for Women & Families conducted the wage gap analysis for all 50 states and found that each state has a gender pay gap.

It's not just progressive states like California taking the wage gap seriously, either - North Dakota passed a bill in 2015 strengthening employer salary reporting requirements.

The National Partnership analysis showed that, if the gap were closed, me women could afford food for 1.5 more years, 7.5 more months of mortgage payments, almost 13 months more of rent and more than 14 months of additional child care annually than they are able to pay for at their present wages. Meanwhile, white women bring home 75 cents per dollar earned by a man, and Asian women earn 85 cents, though some Asian subgroups earn considerably less. By demanding a better future for ourselves, our daughters, nieces and generations of working women to follow, we could make the wage gap history.

Consider limiting how you use current salary to establish starting pay.

Not everyone views the pay gap as an issue of overt sexism, but rather a naturally occurring phenomenon because of women's unique career choices.

Sarah Fleisch-Fink, senior counsel at the National Partnership, said the organization's method of comparing the median earnings of all male and female workers is a valid way to illustrate the pay gap. NY and DE, where women earn 88.7 and 88.5 cents, respectively, are the two states leading the path to wage equity.

"Women working full-time, year-round still earn on average 80 cents for every dollar earned by men".

Lydia Frank, vice president of content strategy at PayScale, says the difference in region can largely be attributed to the industries that proliferate in each: Oil and gas, for example, have the biggest wage gap of any industry, and dominate in places like Wyoming and Texas.

"We have an executive order that essentially forces women to pay to keep companies in business that discrimination against them, with their own tax dollars", Equal Rights Advocates director Noreen Farrell told NBC News.

However, it's important that we have this conversation and allowing women to feel like they have the power to negotiate. Only 28% thought this was a "major reason" that women on average earn less than men.

The Utah Department of Workforce Services says there is some truth to that, but it doesn't explain all of the disparity in pay. And since women make three quarters of family purchasing decisions, it means less money is spent in our local economies. In fact, it will reportedly take 169 years for the world to completely close the economic gender gap.

Last year, Jet.com introduced company-wide pay scales to ensure equal pay for all employees in a given role regardless of gender or race.

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