Spotify readying launch of lossless Hi-Fi streaming option

Some Spotify users have been offered an option to upgrade to a new pricing tier called "Spotify Hi-Fi", which it calls "the ultimate music experience" and offers "lossless CD quality audio".

The streaming service began running a test on a small group of users yesterday, offering the Hi-Fi service for $5 to $10 above the $10 per month price for Spotify Premium. Some customers are seeing that the new feature would charge an additional $5 per month on top of the $10 per month they are already paying.

As The Verge reported, the streaming service Spotify is supposed to start a Hi-Fi offer with uncompressed audio streams, which would deliver music in high quality and is now being tried out by a small group. Some screenshots of the offer also mention discounts on limited-edition vinyl records and even a free record for signing up. This means that Spotify gained 20 million subscribers in a single year, and has is more than twice the audience size of Apple Music. With smartphones switching to lossless services like Apple's Lightning connector and Android's USB-C, Spotify will do the same with the Hi-Fi.

The days of low-quality audio streaming may be behind us, at least as far as Spotify is concerned.

Spotify is preparing to launch a lossless audio version of its streaming service, according to multiple sources.

Spotify Premium now offers lossy files up to 320 kpbs which, for many, is quite enough. At present, one of the many advantages of buying CDs is that people can rip music off them in lossless quality, which audiophiles highly prefer.

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