Shiv Sena's Ravindra Gaikwad is just one our MPs who shame India

He had bragged before television cameras that he hit the official 25 times with his footwear.

Gaikwad, who has been unapologetic about the incident yesterday, had earlier today said that he will be taking the Air India flight this evening.

All the airlines have banned the Shiv Sena MP from boarding their flights a day after he beat an Air India staff with his slipper.

Setting an example, in a rare step, the airlines along with Air India banned Gaikwad from immediate effect. "He has also alleged that they didn't give him Business Class seats and instead made him sit in Economy Class".

Ravindra Gaikwad, Shiv Sena MP, has in the last 24 hours proved to be a giant embarrassment for his party.

According to news reports Air India has filed two First Information Reports (FIR) against Gaikwad.

Past year an MP was arrested on charges of assaulting an airline official after he and his family were prevented from boarding a flight because the gate had closed.

Meanwhile, Gaikwad also submitted complaint against Air India before Delhi Police, alleging alleges that he was pushed and yelled on.

He was quoted he flogged the airline staff for his arrogance on a flight from the western city of Pune to Delhi.

Perhaps it isn't unexpected that Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaekwad from the Osmanabad constituency of Maharashtra has been brazening it out (video above) after assaulting an Air India staffer (video below).

Air India has cancelled Gaikwad's return ticket from Delhi to Pune at 4 pm on Friday, implementing the first-of-its-kind ban in India.

"I said I am an MP, don't raise your voice".

Air India got support from IndiGo, Spicejet and AirAsia for any move which bars unruly passengers from flying after Air India said it was mulling preparing a no-fly list for such people. "I kept asking for a complaint book but they kept refusing".

"AI and the member airlines of the FIA condemn the assault on an AI staff member by a passenger who happens to be an MP on March 23, 2017". I am not scared at all.

Gaikwad's Shiv Sena party is known for its extremist views and is accused of promoting ethnic and religious intolerance. I have been serving public and have also faced many who get irritated on such issues. "We believe that exemplary action should be taken in such incidents to protect employee morale and public safety".

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