Rihanna Livestreamed Herself Watching Her Bates Motel Episode

Rihanna as Marion Crane on Bates Motel

Rihanna Livestreamed Herself Watching Her Bates Motel Episode

(Radio.com) Rihanna's debut on Bates Motel was the heralded arrival of a music superstar on cable TV.

On the show, the pop star plays Marion Crane, the character who is famously stabbed and murdered in the shower in the original film.

Bates Motel is available to watch in the United Kingdom on Netflix.

While she had a lot of hilarious self-deprecating commentary on her performance, the highlight of her stream came when she was forced to look away while a particularly intimate scene aired.

To make matters worse, she did not like her voice in the movies and commented on it, saying; "I can't even hear my voice". Watch Rihanna's Instagram live session here. Ehrin added: "She was clearly a fan of the film, though".

Marion Crane is introduced in the first two episodes of the series together with Sam Loomis. It got so bad that Rihanna didn't just care about her steamy scene, but the way she sounded! RiRi was so uncomfortable watching the sex scene she filmed during her guest appearance on Bates Motel that when the episode debuted on March 20 the queen took to social media to share her unbelievable pain with anyone who would listen.

The upcoming episode of the series will bring the highly anticipated twist to Marion's character as she checks into Bates Motel. Quite apart from her figuring out the basics of how it worked ("What are these hearts up the side?!") we were living for her playing a drinking game while watching herself in the TV show Bates Motel.

Hoping to marry her cash-strapped lover, she ends up making the fateful decision to stop off at the Bates Motel, a choice that seems sure to backfire on the Barbadian beauty's dramatis personae.

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