Keystone XL pipeline gets green light from US State Department

Debate renewed over economic benefits of Keystone pipeline

Keystone XL pipeline gets green light from US State Department

This as TransCanada sought $15 billion in damages from the federal government in response to the Obama administration's rejection of the Keystone pipeline.

Pipeline fighters are considering a campaign challenge against one commission member who represents a left-leaning district, said Jane Kleeb, executive director of the Bold Alliance, a group that opposes the Keystone XL.

"Greatest technology known to man or woman and, frankly, we're very proud of it".

The Obama administration had put the development on hold in 2015 after years of review, citing environmental concerns.

Keystone pipeline would create about 3,900 construction jobs if it was built in one year, according to a State Department report. "I hope we will all seek to exercise our First Amendment rights peacefully, and respect the right of others to do likewise." says Daugaard in a statement released soon after the Administration issued the permit to allow pipeline construction.

Conservatives said they supported quick approval. That pipeline already functions and transports crude oil from Canada.

The 1,700-mile pipeline would run through Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma, the World-Herald noted.

Environmental groups vowed to fight it. Girling said Friday that thousands of people are "ready and itching".

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley comments on the go-ahead for the Keystone XL pipeline, saying it will create about 5,000 jobs and about $1B in investment for the province.

Obama had rejected the pipeline saying it would do nothing to reduce fuel prices for US motorists and would contribute emissions linked to global warming.

The State Department, responsible for reviewing the project because it crosses an global border, determined that building it serves US national interests.

Following an executive order signed by President Trump in January, the U.S. State Department approved the Keystone XL pipeline today. Most of the Canadian oil is landlocked and Keystone XL would give Alberta oil sands a chance to leave North America through southern US ports. "The project will also benefit Nebraska by bringing an estimated additional $11.8 million in property tax revenue in the first year to 12 Nebraska counties". But Keystone's backers said that wouldn't happen even if the pipeline wasn't built.

A State Department spokesman says Secretary of State Rex Tillerson recused himself from that review process.

Two other planned pipelines would carry Alberta oil to export markets, creating competition with Keystone XL for commitments from oil producers. TransCanada wants to connect the pipeline from western Canada to the pump station at Steele City, Nebraska where it can be connected to the southern portion of the pipeline, sending crude to oil refineries at the Gulf Coast.

"Our government has always been supportive of the Keystone XL pipeline and we are pleased with the USA decision", said a spokesman for Canada's minister of natural resources.

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