Kesha Suffers Major Legal Defeat Against Dr. Luke

A Judge Ruled Against Kesha’s Amended Lawsuit Against Dr. Luke

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We reported last year that the 30-year-old singer chose to drop her sexual assault case against Dr.Luke so that she can focus on making music. The 30-year-old who is under contract with Dr. Luke, real name Lukasz Gottwald, had initially tried to escape the deal. Earlier this year she had submitted an amended suit claiming that Luke was in breach of contract and that she was owed significant back royalties.

Kesher has suffered another setback in the case which has rumbled on for two years after a judge rejected amendments she's made to her lawsuit.

The judge stated that Dr. Luke's "allegedly abusive behavior was foreseeable" and began in 2005, before she signed a contract in 2008.

While Kesha has certainly won the PR war in her legal battle with Dr Luke, in court she has generally been less successful. The same opportunity - to be liberated from the physical, emotional, and financial bondage of a destructive relationship - should be available to a recording artist, " Kesha said in her proposed countersuit in January, according to court documents obtained by E!

On Tuesday, a NY judge delivered a blow to pop star Kesha Sebert's ongoing attempt to escape her contract with producer "Dr. Luke" Gottwald.

Unfortunately, another NY judge has rejected the motion to amend her complaint yesterday.

However, Variety reported Tuesday that Judge Shirley Kornreich rejected the motion to amend her complaint after having previously dismissed last year her claim of sexual assault and abuse as grounds for voiding the contract. She sought the injunction to allow her to end her contract with Dr. Luke and Kemosabe and find either a new producer with Sony or to leave the label altogether. "Thus, Kesha may not assert a counterclaim for breach" of law.

On Tuesday, a judge in NY ruled against Kesha's amended lawsuit against Dr. Luke, The Hollwood Reporter reports.

"To protect young, newly discovered recording artists from this precise manner of exploitation in quasi-lifetime un-severable professional relationships, California labor law requires all music contracts to end within seven years of execution", Kesha's party argued.

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