Could another member of the group betray Rick on 'The Walking Dead'?

AMC's'The Walking Dead' Season 6 Episode 1 Heath

Ratings: “The Walking Dead” Slips, “Into The Badlands” Begins Season Two

She's made her mantra very clear - "We take - we don't bother" - so could she be using the war to her advantage?

Walk with us down the zombie-ridden roads to the seven season finale of The Walking Dead with these killer predictions.

Oceanside moved up the pace a little bit as Tara led team Rick to Oceanside, breaking her promise to Cindy and showing off a more assertive side that provided depth to her character. Sasha later asks Eugene if he can sneak in a weapon for her, framing it as an attempt on her part to commit suicide, when she's really trying to get her hands on something to kill Negan with the next time they come face-to-face. Dwight has had issues with their group, especially Daryl, who tried to lunge at Dwight when he saw him in their building. Either way, he's getting ready to confront Rick. Unsurprisingly, Rick was skeptical, punching Dwight in the face in typical Rick fashion. Logically, our heroes should therefore let him have his life saved and if we believe the Season Finale video of this season 7 of The Walking Dead, Dwight will join the Saviors again to play the double agents.

Turning back to the similarities between the show and the comic, we don't need to look much further than one of the other Saviors for a glimpse into the future: Dwight (Austin Amelio), one of Negan's top lieutenants who has seemingly defected in order to join the Alexandrian cause.

Hilltop was the lightest of the three this week, mainly serving as a few finishing touches on the Maggie-and-Gregory tension before we watch that explode (and hopefully say farewell to Gregory).

"I know I will be on board for Season 8", Jeffrey Dean Morgan previously told CinemaBlend. So that either means that the war will continue on Season 8 or Negan will be captured and alive like he was in the comics. It chose to attempt excitement in having the Saviours visit the Hilltop once more, which while nice as we get to see Simon (Steven Ogg) who I like very much, it just feels like a repeat of something we've seen for what I believe is the third time. Right now Gregory's planning to go to the Sanctuary to get help killing Maggie. In this week's episode, it continued to dance around the point of contention: Maggie and Gregory can not continue to coexist on The Hilltop.

(Editor's note: Spoilers for The Walking Dead season seven finale below).

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