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12-Year-Old's Beauty and the Beast Short Is the Gaston Prequel We've Been Waiting For

"Beauty and the Beast", starring Emma Watson as Belle and Dan Stevens as the Beast, went straight to the top of the box office.

"Beauty and the Beast" attempted to do the same by showing Belle's mother and explaining why the Beast was such a brat, but both felt fleeting, like they were just tossed into the script. The updated songs (also present in the original film) such as the titular masterpiece "Beauty and the Beast" or the ever-favorite "Be Our Guest" are incredibly faithful to the original versions and lose none of their original charm. The Beast and castle staff are former humans cursed by an enchantress angered at the Beast's cruelty. I'm sure that is what we all anxiously waited for; the magical moments that revived childhood memories, but it didn't. Sung by the Beast after he lets Belle leave, it is a powerful rendition that allows him to express his love for her and his own feelings in a way that the original Beast was unable to do. Most of the villagers believe her to be a attractive but unusual girl. Another touching detail is that this Beast shares a love of books with Belle, which makes her love for him seem more genuine. Gaston (Luke Evans) claims to be in love with her, though he wants to change much of who she is, and will stop at nothing to marry her. No one can deny that Emma Watson plays a ideal Belle; however, I had some fears as to how well she would do with Belle's few singing lines since I had never heard her sing before. And though the Beast seems cruel and selfish in the beginning, she is soon able to discover the beauty within.

Many of these films take a new spin on the story and experiment with different perspectives and darker themes to appeal to an older audience.

The live action movie hit cinemas on March 17th. "It was spot on". Yes, the scars of the commercial failure of the film "Alice of the Other Side of the Mirror" are still all fresh and Mickey's house prefers to focus on other live-action highly anticipated audiences like Mulan.

A movie placing first at the box office two weeks in a row, as "Beauty and the Beast" has done, is a relatively common feat now, but data shows that a movie ruling over the box office for months is a feat that was much easier to achieve in decades past.

The original Beauty and the Beast never really explored Gaston and LeFou's joint backstory.

"Brand recognition will get you far - it gives you a leg up before you even start - but at the end of the day, it comes down to the movie itself, " said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst for comScore.

The cast for the live-action portrayal also deserve praise. There is a whole scene dedicated to this reveal. The fact that he turned away from being an antagonist is also somewhat of a relief. "They moved to the village after the curse took affect". The only time that you see any kind of even remotely apparent homosexual interaction is at the very end of the movie when LeFou dances with a male partner at the ball, which is only shown very briefly.

However, as many things that were wonderful about this story, there were a few disappointments.

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