Adele kisses lucky fan during Sydney concert

The crowd in the VIP area were told to keep out of the aisles so medical staff could rush to the aid of the collapsed person- who was carried off in a stretcher

Adele Jumps To Justin Bieber's Defense After He Got Booed At Her Concert!

During the show, the 28-year-old singer asked the audience if they would be attending Justin Bieber's concert at the same stadium next week and her question received boos from the crowd.

The Grammy victor was forced to halt the performance when a 47-year-old woman suffered the heart condition and emergency services were called, reported Daily Mirror.

Grammy-winning singer Adele was forced to temporarily halt a concert after a fan suffered a cardiac arrest.

She added that no one had noticed the woman had collapsed until Adele pointed it out. "I ruined the surprise for you didn't I?"

Adele, while stopping her performance midway, told her teeming fans that she didn't want to shock the sick woman with fireworks that were planned.

Another eyewitness said that Adele had seemed very upset with what she has witnessed.

"That's the reason, and these days I do struggle to get down there, so do bear with me, all right?", she said.

The crowds were told to keep the aisles clear so medical staff could assists the woman as quickly as possible, before she was reportedly carried off on a stretcher.

The singer was supposed to take to the stage at 7.30pm, but reports claim the stadium was only "35 per cent full" at that point, so the decision was made to begin 45 minutes later.

Adele has released a sneak-peek of what Kiwi fans can expect from her New Zealand shows.

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